BioOrg Odor Clean

Article number: 175_250ML

TAKES away odors

ln every environment, bad odors can disturb the atmosphere and spoil the air quality. With ODOR-CLEAN you can now remove all odors in a proactive and green way.


ODOR-CLEAN contains a unique composition of positive organisms and goes beyond traditional deodorants. ODOR-CLEAN effectively neutralizes every odor and removes the cause.


Use ODOR-CLEAN by spraying the object lightly at a rate of 5 ml per m3. Wait a while, dry up without streaks.

Use ODOR-CLEAN by lightly spraying the space in the 4 corners while counting up to 3. Allow to dry.


With ODOR-CLEAN you can deodorize all types of clothing, shoes, seats, mats, kitchen odors, garbage cans, sanitary facilities and air conditioners, ...

ODOR-CLEAN remains deodorised for a long time and works against sweat odors, tobacco odor, pet odor, toilet odor, waste odor, cooking odor, incineration odor and musty odors in seats and carpets ...

ODOR-CLEAN is colorless, leaves no streaks and is 100% green and safe.

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