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HENCO SOLUTIONS Research and Development is responsible for the creation of new products and technologies. HENCO SOLUTIONS is also involved in the creation of tailored chemical and technological solutions for our corporate clients.

Our products represent the highest quality and exceptional performance combined with an excellent environmental and safety profile. Our services are provided by our certified technicians.

Manufacturing cleaning and maintenance chemicals is a complex process that is much more intricate than just adding soap or surfactant to water.

Combining performance with environmental and personal safety requires a change in corporate behavior starting with management in order to  change and strive after new solutions and alternatives.

What makes a cleaning product work and how it removes rust, dirt, soil, oil and grease from a surface, has to do with the chemical engineering involved in designing each one of the components and formulating the end product with the key results required in mind.

HENCO SOLUTIONS creates products that take several important factors into consideration. Our cleaning and maintenance product must comply with the following criteria:

1. Use of organic ingredients to replace harmful chemicals wherever possible
2. Ensuring that minimum chemicals are used to achieve the desired result
3. Safety in transportation, storage and handling to protect end- users’ health
4. Achievement of high functional performance and efficiency
5. Be cost effective by reducing maintenance costs and extending intervals for repainting and cleaning

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