HENCO 4040 Heavy duty cleaner


Cost & Performance

Exceptional performance and cost advantage compared to any other degreaser in the market.
Readily biodegradable.
High performance surfactants.
Designed for heavy duty degreasing or ready to use all-purpose cleaners.
Requires less storage space.
Reduced maintenance and labor costs, increased overall value.
Ideal to be used in concentrate or diluted up to 80% in water.
Non corrosive to skin.


Use & application

Relevant uses:

Degreasing agent for dissolving oil, grease, dirt, tar and asphalt.

Works great on:

Ships Engines.
Engines and Automotive Parts.
Motor Bike Parts
Hand Tools.
Power Tools.
Patios and Floors.
Plus many more uses


Engine Cleaning

4040 Engine cleaning


Engine room cleaning

engine room cleaning


Deck Cleaning

deck cleaning


Environmental Profile

✓ Compliant with MARPOL V Annex III and NPDES.
✓ Can be used in marine environment on open deck.
✓ Environmentally safe.
✓ Does not contain corrosive acids.
✓ Does not contain glycol ether.
✓ Readily biodegradable.
✓ Reduces or eliminates VOC.
✓ Low contributor to BOD/COD.
✓ Non-corrosive to skin.
✓ Non-hazardous.



Available in:

HC4040/1: 1L Bottle

HC4040/5: 5L Drum

HC4040/207: 207L Drum

HC4040/1000: 1000L IBC


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