Permanon PS Paste 125g Universal cleaning paste, non abrasive


Permanon PS is a highly effective and efficient cleaning agent to remove extremely stubborn stains derived from the marine environment. Effective on plastic and synthetic surfaces, metal and stainless steel, painted and varnished surfaces, glass, dinghies and fenders. Very convenient and efficient cleaning of tough organic pollutants such as exhaust fumes, soot, algae, grease and silicone, etc ...


Permanon PS is an optimized product for the removal of organic contamination such as grease, grease, soot, etc. This makes it extremely suitable for the cleaning of ships, boats, motorbikes and industrial cleaning. Permanon PS is compatible with all the other Permanon products.
Permanon products can be used on all surfaces.

Our products are carefully and accurately tested for their effectiveness and their impact on the surface to be treated.


Apply Permanon PS to a damp sponge or (microfibre) cloth, rub the soiled surface and rinse thoroughly with water or wipe with a clean damp cloth.

Also available in 250g


This product is non-toxic and free of acids! 98% biodegradable


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