SANI CLEAN PROBIO is the perfect cleaner and bio-treatment for the general maintenance of bathrooms on vessels. It is specifically designed to replace harsh chemicals that can kill the biological activity of the marine sewage treatment plant (STP).
SANI CLEAN PROBIO is powered by the BIOSURF® and CONSORTIUM® processes which combine ultra-effective biosurfactants, with specially selected organic substance-digesting microorganisms.



  • Efficiently cleans and shines all surfaces and fixtures
  • Prevents lime and uric scale build-ups
  • Eliminates bad odors at their source
  • Digests organics and boosts the STP capacity
  • Maintains sewage pipes
  • Hazard-free for people and the environment



  • Hazard-free product.
  • Keep it on its original packaging away from heat and frost.
  • Product not classified for transport.
  • Professional use.
  • For more information refer to the Safety Data Sheet



Toilets and urinals: 

  • Use Undiluted
  • Apply under the rims and in the toilet or urinal
  • Allow it to act for 5 minutes
  • Scrub with a toilet brush and flush

Other surfaces:

  • Dilute between 1% to 10% in a trigger sprayer or bucket
  • Apply to the surfaces/floors, scrub and rinse with water