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The BioOrg cleaning system is completely circular: all types of organic contamination in an indoor environment are metabolised by an ecosystem of ten different bacteria, leaving no residual dirt. No residual dirt is left behind. No water and no polluting detergents are required with this bio-dynamic process. All you have to do is regularly add new bacteria during cleaning activities.

By using bacteria for cleaning, you are also planting indoor forests in your vessel. All the dead materials around you acquire a new lease of life, and you become the guest in an ecosystem of billions of good bacteria. Because the number of bacteria living on 50 m² of BioOrg-treated surface is the same as on the branches and leaves of a tree.̈

Join our community of indoor forest planters and give Europe’s primeval forests a place in our daily lives once more! Because cleaning with BioOrg is like planting forests in your vessel: an extremely simple but spectacular way to visibly, tangibly and measurably improve the indoor climate.


BioOrg indoor forest

As well as converting CO2 into oxygen, trees have another purification function: providing a home for bacteria that can purify organic waste and pollutants.

BioOrg aims to draw attention to this hitherto unknown, but spectacular purifying power of the forest. By treating your indoor environment with bacteria from BioOrg, you will have in fact planted a forest in your vessel. By way of comparison, for every 50 m² that you treat with BioOrg, you introduce as many bacteria as live on the branches and leaves of the average tree.


Indoor Forest Certificate

Introducing BioOrg into your vessel means enormous water savings, no more detergents going down the drain and permanent purification of fine dust and pollutants from the interior atmosphere.

The positive footprint that you create in your own indoor climate in this way, together with the number of indoor trees planted, is expressed in an Indoor Forest Certificate.

How does it work?

The cleaning process



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