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After years of research in European forests, Dr Filip Willocx from BioOrg came across various useful bacteria that live on the leaves and branches of trees. He selected a group of ten species that perform outstandingly in purifying various organic pollutants (fine dust, VOCs and allergens) and gradually eliminating the adhesive layers that trap visible contamination. Finally, the selected bacteria were tested for their safety and their ability to work together in a living ecosystem even inside buildings, and hence to metabolise visible and invisible contamination.

The bacteria convert the pollution they consume into energy in order to reproduce, leaving no residual dirt behind in the process. The population is self-maintaining, with the same bacteria being used to clean again and again. It’s a completely natural cleaning and purification process that’s in a category of its own. This technology has recently been protected by various international patents and is being successfully used by major customers at home and abroad.


Cost savings

The BioOrg cleaning method involves simply spraying the bacteria and, where necessary, wiping the surfaces with a microfibre cloth or mop. The bacteria then carry on with the cleaning work themselves.

This new way of working is even more effective at removing dirt than the traditional bucket and mop method or the use of impregnated wipes, as well as being much easier and more ergonomic. What’s more, the BioOrg method has a preventive aspect. It’s been shown that the presence of the ecosystem of bacteria leads to a noticeable decrease in dust and finger marks, enabling the frequency of cleaning to be reduced.


Less dust on screens and cupboards

By applying the bacteria to all surfaces and objects in the room every month, you’ll get a noticeable and measurable dust reduction. This effect is particularly noticeable on skirting boards, tall cupboards, computer screens and keyboards and under chairs and tables. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce the specific cleaning of dust high up in the room by half.


Faster toilet cleaning

You’ll save a lot of time on toilet cleaning by not using water and detergents. No more dragging buckets around and no more time spent measuring out detergent doses!

The bacteria have also been shown to make all surfaces much smoother, so that old dirt and calcification traces adhere much less in joints, on tiles and in toilets.



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