The BioOrg Certificate

The BioOrg certificate is awarded annually to every ship that has the BioOrg Ecosystem installed on board, provided that "spray & go" is carried out by a certified BioOrg Operator and the compatible cleaning is carried out according to the handbook.

VMP provides training for one responsible crew member. This training takes half a day and can be carried out online, under supervision of VMP. In addition, a detailed manual is available. Nothing exciting, VMP just wants the necessary actions to be performed correctly. The training is included.



The certificate is unique for each ship and confirms:

- that the ambient air is purified;

- the number of liters of potable water saved in one year

- the number of liters of chemicals saved in the same year.

- The number of trees represented in the inner forest: 50m² = 1 tree



In this way, each ship contributes to Goal 3 and 12 of the UN sustainable development goals:

3. Health safety and well-being

12. Waste and Resource Management


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