HVAC Clean

Cleanses all kinds of AHU and heat exchangers with the help of good bacteria


HVAC Clean


How does BioOrg work?

Spray HVAC Clean under low pressure onto the interior AHU sections or onto the heat exchanger. Repeat and rinse in case of persistent pollution. Where needed afterwards use a multifiber cloth or a multifiber mop.


HVAC  Clean  is  a  ready  to  use  liquid  with  good  bacteria  used  to  clean  all  kinds of AHU and heat exchangers.


Deposit the product in a mechanic or hand-held mist machine and spray under low pressure onto the object. To be used pure.

Product information:

Composition conform to E.U. directive: bioethanol <5%, remaining content: good bacteria. pH neutral, safe for humans, plants, animals and materials.

Packaged per 10L

How does it work?

The cleaning process



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