Surface. clean


surface clean

What is it?

Surface. clean is a ready-to-use liquid that is used to wipe away visible dirt quickly and effectively.


Why use it?

For removing visible dirt and finger marks from objects, tiles, washbasins, toilets, tables, furniture, door handles, doors, lifts, interior glass, screens, keyboards, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, etc.


How does it work?

Spray the liquid lightly onto the object. The bacteria will gradually get rid of the contamination and consume the adhesive layer that traps it. Wipe off the loosened dirt with a microfibre cloth or mop. An extra layer of bacteria will carry on working for a long time against contamination and finger marks.


How does BioOrg work?

Lightly spray Surface Clean onto the surface. Where needed
afterwards use a multifiber cloth or a multifiber mop. Leave it to dry. The good bacteria will do
their cleaning job unaided. Surface Clean is a ready to use liquid with good bacteria used to clean all kinds of surfaces: tiles, walls, furniture, inox, wood, glass, keyboards and screens.



Deposit the product in a hand-held mist machine and spray lightly onto the surface. To be used pure.


Product information:

Composition conform to E.U. directive: perfume <1%, bioethanol <5%, remaining content: good
bacteria. pH neutral, safe for humans, plants, animals and materials


Surface. Clean is available is 10L cans for professional use

How does it work?

The cleaning process




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