Harsonic®  is the undisputed leader in a mechanical system to remove biofilm and prevent all kind of fouling.

Harsonic®  is located in Belgium and has more than 25 years experience in water treatment,  always in an ecological friendly manner.

During the passed years Harsonic® specialized in the permanent removal of biofilm in several applications, without any chemicals.   This means saving maintenance, saving money and saving the environment all at once.

At the moment we have a range of  10 different Harsonic® devices :

1. Harsonic® for BoatHull

2. Harsonic® for Propellers

3. Harsonic® for Gasoiltanks

4. Harsonic® for Watertanks

5. Harsonic® for Boxcoolers

6. Harsonic® for Coolingtowers & Heatexchangers

7. Harsonic® for Industrial Tanks & Filters

8. Harsonic® for Industrial Pipelines

9. Harsonic® for Agricultural Tanks & Pipelines

10.Harsonic® for Open Waterstorage

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