Matt Chem Marine T.S.4 1L

Article number: 272M

Eliminates sludge in the tank bottom. Non-foaming product whose composition is permitted according to EC Directive 1999/08/09 for cleaning surfaces and objects that come into contact with food. Does not leave any residue or traces on the cleaned surfaces.
Can be used for cleaning tanks in aluminum, stainless steel or plastic. 


T.S.4 must always be diluted before use.
Recommended dilution 1 part T.S.4 and 3 to 5 volumes of water.
In case of high pollution, the recommended dilution: 1 part T.S.4 and 2 to 3 parts water.
It is important to completely cover the sludge with the solution to make the product work well. Leave on the solution for at least 1 hour.
Brush the sides if possible.
Then add 20 liters of water and drain through the water tap.
Finish work by flushing the tank with clean water.

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