Our warehouse is closed till July 30th. Ordering through the webshop is not possible till July 28th. Orders will ship on July 31st


Our warehouse is closed till July 30th. Ordering through the webshop is not possible till July 28th. Orders will ship on July 31st

Wood protection

TEAK PROTECTOR is a water- and oil repellent impregnation product, specially designed for wood.

TEAK PROTECTOR contains extra additives and UV blocking properties which do not dissolve in water. This gives a long term protection against the formation of water sensitive bacteria, mould and algae.

TEAK PROTECTOR forms a chemical and physical bond. After treatment there is no virtual change of the appearance of the wood.

TEAK PROTECTOR has good penetration properties. The layer is completely vapor permeable. Therefore the substrate can dry continuously.

TEAK PROTECTOR protects the surface against pollution and acid rain.

The coating is a solvent based micro emulsion of fluorpolymers with emulsion stabilizers. The emulsion is a transparent and slightly foaming liquid.

After the evaporation of the solvent a fluorpolymer layer is formed. This layer of a thickness of a few microns ( 1/1000 mm) is water and oil repellent. Complete drying process and effectiveness of the impregnation will take in approx. 24 hours at RH of max 70%. After staining the substrate with water or oily like products, the stain has to be absorbed with absorbing paper. Do not wipe the stain away. Oily stains can form a shadow or ring. This can be removed or strongly reduced by cleaning with a detergent. The uniform coated layer does not affect the appearance of the wood. Some woods may become slightly darker in colour. This is depending of the amount and thickness of the coating layer. 

Technical Data:

Density: (Kg/dm³):0,748

pH-value: neutral, 6,5 – 7,5

Appearance: transparent liquid

Odour: weak odour

Flash Point: >41 °C 

Instructions for use:
TEAK PROTECTOR is a transparent and slightly foaming liquid. The odour is a specific weak odour that is not irritating. Shake well before use. The surface to be treated must be completely degreased and clean. Check the expiry date before use. Directions for application:
To apply the coating, you can use a brush, roller or spray gun. Use the product as is, do not dilute.

A normal flat brush with pig hair is suitable.

For larger areas, application with the roller is suitable. The best results are obtained with a roller with a sponge core. This type of roller avoids drips. The rollers of S.A.M. 5819 PROF for water based acrylic paint are recommended.

A normal air spray gun with gravity feed cup or with siphon feed cup, can be used. The viscosity of  is 10,5 seconds Ford cup 4 mm. a spray nozzle untill 1,2 mm can be used, 0,8 mm is recommended. As alternative for the normal air spray gun, a low pressure spray gun can be used.Low pressure spray guns are portable, do not need a compressor and generate a oil free airflow. The spray gun of Wagner type W670 is suitable. Avoid excess of coating liquid and remove excess within 15 minutes. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. Wipe excess product. Remove the excess with a cloth, moist with isopropanol. This is important for a surface which has a not uniform absoption property. Dark spots and uneven gloss can be the result.

Drying Time:
Approx.20-30 minutes, depending on temperature and surface porosity. Complete drying process and effectiveness of the impregnation will take approx. 24 hours. Do not stain with oil or water during the drying step. Attention! Some woods may become slightly darker in colour. In cases of doubt, try the product in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Wipe excess product within 15 min. Dry residues must be removed within 24 hours.

Depends on the application method, coating thickness and absorbency of the substrate. The coverage with the brush method is approx. 2 m²- 10m2/ litre.

Further recommendations:
To clean the equipment, you can use white spirit.

Packaging and storage:

1Litre, 5 litre, 25 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litre

TEAK PROTECTOR in closed containers can be used upon 1 year.

Protect packaging against direct sun light. Keep packaging tightly closed. Store in a dry area. Avoid frost. The product can separate after a long storage time. Stir and/or shake until homogeneous before use.

Available as white label products

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