Matt Chem Marine AYERS Rust Converter

Article number: 546M.0.5

Rust Deoxidation Neutralization

AYERS is a high-end neutralizing and deoxidizing complex intended for use on metals that are oxidized by a salty environment.

AYERS is an aqueous emulsion of synthetic resins that penetrate into the core of the rust, forming a chemically stable organo-ferrous compound. Encapsulates rust and leaves a shiny black protective layer on the treated surface that prevents the penetration of moisture.

Warning: do not use on galvanized surfaces or zinc paint.

After treatment, the surface can be repainted. Apply gently with a brush or roller or by immersion. The deoxidation time varies depending on the ambient temperature. At 5°C, the process takes 15 minutes. The average drying time is 60 minutes. First remove loose rust stains with a wire brush on highly oxidised surfaces.

125ml for 1m²

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