Chrisal Economic

Article number: ECO_10280/1L

Economic is an extremely versatile and highly effective cleaner and degreaser that can be used in numerous applications.

- Is an alkaline product based on water.
- Cleans and degreases deeper and faster, thereby saving up to 70% time.
- Is safe for all washable surfaces.
- Easily removes all dirt from any surface.
- Is highly concentrated and therefore super beneficial in use.

Dilution from 0.5% = 5 ml of product per liter of water.
- Dilute the product with water (see dilution list at the bottom).
- Spray the surface to be cleaned evenly (from bottom to top).
- Let it act, but do not let it dry.
- Remove the dirt manually with a well-absorbent cloth.

WITH HIGH PRESSURE CLEANER: Dilute 3% = 30 ml of product per liter of water.
- Put 30 ml of product in 1 liter of water.
- Insert the chemical suction hose from the high-pressure cleaner to the bottom in the jug.
- Under low pressure from bottom to top.
- Allow to work in for a while, but do not let it dry.
- If necessary, remove the static dirt with a brush or sponge.
- Spray with high-pressure cleaner (pay attention to damage due to excessive pressure).

ATTENTION !! Store the products above 5 °C.

DIFFUSER (low pressure):
- Cleaning heavily soiled surfaces such as engines, machines, removing soot, paint, oil, grease, dies etc.: Dilution of 10% = 100 ml per L of water.
- Cleaning components from lathes, degreasing before painting, removing deep drawing oil, etc.: Dilution of 5% = 50 ml per L water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use the product on unglazed floors or natural stone: this may cause stains.

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