Matt Chem Marine Clay powder

Article number: 240M

"TERRE DE SOMMIERE" - Natural clay powder,

is a natural stain remover with a great absorption capacity.

MATT DETACH has 2 functions:

1/ Stain removal function:

Removes greasy stains (oil, butter, diesel, makeup, etc.) from surfaces without leaving circles on fragile material such as textiles, upholstery, carpets, leather, marble, cabinets ...

2/ absorbent and neutralizing function:

Can be used to absorb and neutralize urine stains on rugs and pillows.

Technical Characteristics:

Natural clay: 100% smectic clay without treatment

Not flammable

Instructions for use:

Remove the excess stain, if necessary with a spoon or absorbent paper, and then sprinkle generously over it without rubbing. Leave for 30 minutes and rub gently or vacuum to remove the powder. Repeat the action for older or larger stains and let it work longer until the stain disappears

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