Henco Solutions Flash Rust / Rust Stain Remover

Article number: HENCO1010/5


A safe, low pH organic salt used to replace hydrochloric acid and other traditional acids.


Exceptional performance and cost advantage compared to any other rust removers in the market.
• 3 times more effective than phosphoric acid.
• 4 to 10 times more effective than citric and glycolic acid.
• Solvent, Phosphate and nitrate free.
• Environmentally safe.
• Does not contain silicone, alkyl phenol, ethoxylates, teflon (PTFE) or other polymers.
• Readily biodegradable.
• Reduces or eliminates VOC.
• Low contributor to BOD/COD.
• Reduce maintenance and labor costs, increase overall value.
• Ideal to be used in concentrate or 50% diluted.
• Non corrosive to skin


Use & Application

• Flash rust and rust stains on painted surfaces.
• Flash rust and rust stains on all metal surfaces*
• Teak cleaner.
• Removal of barnacles.
• Cleaning of:

• Fiberglass,
• Gelcoat
• Plastic
• Rubber.

*1010 is corrosive to mild steel and aluminum

Used by the French Navy



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