Matt Chem Marine LUSTRAL 500ml

Article number: 644M

Glosser ready to use free from silicone. Leaves a waterproof protective coating which delay the incrustation of the stains. Brings back shine to the treated surface. Ready to use. Apply with a non fluffy rag and let dry.

Skaï and vinyl are fabrics lacquered waterproof reflecting the light enormously. If they become dull or porous, we advise to apply the guard glossing LUSTRAL which leaves a waterproof film on treated surface.
The application of LUSTRAL consists of depositing a protective film, which seals the pores of the plastic and delays the incrustation of dirt. This treatment allows to bring back flexibility to the plastic and to avoid cracking. In the event of application on couloured vinyl,do not worry, LUSTRAL does not fade vinyl.


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