Matt Chem Marine TOP PLEXI 500ml

Article number: 341M


Polish for plexi and polycarbonate glass

TOP PLEXI paste for renovating PLEXIGLAS® or POLYCARBONATE surfaces.
It provides a fine polishing action which removes fatty deposits from surfaces without scratching them.
This mixture based on functional natural mineral fillers, without silicone.
Blurs micro-scratches, removes lime film and water stains from surfaces without scratching them.
TOP PLEXI restores shine to the surface to be treated.
COVERAGE: +/- 15 m2


Ready to use product.
Clean the surface to be polished beforehand. Apply to a dry surface using a lint-free cloth. Spread out
the dough and wait a few seconds to let the dirt soak in.
Carry out a uniform polishing, paying particular attention to heavily tarnished areas. Finish by wiping with a wet cloth wet and rub to give shine.
A better result will be obtained with an orbital polisher at a speed of 500 rpm using a cotton windshield.

Do not apply on hot surfaces or exposed to the sun.
Do not allow the product to dry for more than 30 minutes on the surface.



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