Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste Modified

Article number: KKH2OMOD

Kolor Kut modified water finding paste has been designed for use in methanol, ethanol enriched fuel systems (B7, B10, XTL, E5, E10, E20). Alcohols are soluble in fuels in all proportions when they are water-free but relatively small amounts of water can cause separation of alcohol from the fuel. The mixture settling to the bottom of the storage tank contains a high concentration of alcohol and cannot be detected by most water detection pastes.

Kolor Kut modified water finding paste changes from dark brown in color to bright red on contact with water. Phase separated alcohol solutions with as little as 6% water will turn the paste yellow. This product is designed for use in reformulated and oxygenated fuel systems. After testing, it seems that alcohol or deicing agents in fuels have very little effect on the performance of the product.

Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste modified

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