Permanon Solar Supershine 2in1 0,5L

Article number: 42 600 5735 538 6

Professional surface cleaning & protection for an unimpaired generation of energy.

Solar Supershine – for current and future ecological challenges – effective cleaning and maintenance for your solar and photovoltaic systems. The Permanon surface sealing represents functionality, preservation of the value of your system and sustainability .

The technical surfaces of solar parks and photovoltaic systems benefit immensely from the years of experience with Permanon surface finishing. The synergy effects between ecology and economy are clearly visible here. The surfaces of solar installations are protected in the long term. Thanks to the sealing of the polycrystalline solar cells the light-sensitive surfaces can function smoothly.

Solar Supershine was developed for all continental climate zones. It has proven successful in dealing with organic contaminations through greases, oils and fumes as well as contaminations through inorganic deposits, such as sea salts, salts, limescale, acid rain, etc.

After the application of Solar Supershine any contaminations can simply be removed through natural moisture, such as dew, rain and snow. Our solar product does not impair the surfaces of sensitive solar modules nor does it impair the generation of energy.


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