Matt Chem Marine SUN & BRIGHT TECK DUO 2x1L

Article number: 476/639MK

SUN TECK is an alkaline-based cleaner especially developed to clean teak decks. SUN TECK has been designed to remove slimy marks, oil stains whish are harmful to the natural colour of teak. SUN TECK cleans the teak, preparing it for BRIGHT TECK, which must be applied subsequently. SUN TECK does not affect the caulking when the advise of usage are respected.
INSTRUCTIONS OF USE : - Dilute 1 litre of product for 3 to 5 litres of water, depending on the level of staining. - First of all, wet the teak and the hull. - It is advised to do not work to direct sunlight in order to avoid black stains on gelcoat and paint. - Apply the solution evenly with a soft brush. - Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. - Do not rub teak. - Rinse abundantly with a water jet.
BRIGHT TECK, which is a brightener for teak, must be applied subsequently. Coverage for 1 litre of product : 5 to 7 m2.

BRIGHTENER CONCENTRATED PHASE 2 BRIGHT TECK TECK is a product with high penetration power. It applies immediately after SUN TECK teak cleaner. BRIGHT TECK is a very active exotic teak and wood reviver which helps to eliminate very rapidly the blackening and denaturing of the original color of the wood.
BRIGHT TECK removes the gray spots due to weather, the saline environment and pollution. BRIGHT TECK does not affect the joints and rubber bridges in the recommended conditions of use. It is imperative to always first perform a test with the surface to be treated to determine the appropriate contact compatibility and time. Once the application BRIGHT TECK is completed, you can apply teak oil, WONDER OIL TECK (colorless) or GOLDEN OIL (pigmentation gold) to feed and protect teak against salt and atmospheric attack.
Finally, to prevent swelling of the wood, you can apply the aqueous repellent saturator STOPO.
DIRECTIONS for applying BRIGHT TECK: Dilute 1 liter of product in 3 to 5 liters of water according to the fouling of teak state. uniformly apply the mixture on the surface to be treated using a soft brush deck broom or squeegee. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not rub or you could dig wood. Rinse with a water jet. Coverage 5-7 m2 per liter.

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